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  • Protecting Us from Monopoly by Protecting Privileged Producers from Competition

    posted to Cafe Hayek on Tue 27th Nov 12

    Here’s a letter to a member of the U.S. House of Representatives:Rep. Tom Rooney (R-FL)Dear Mr. Rooney:Proclaiming in the Daily Callerthat you oppose “subsidies or government intervention in markets” immediately before you launch into pleas

  • Some Links

    posted to Cafe Hayek on Wed 19th Sep 12

    William Poole, former President and CEO of the St. Louis Fed, shares his expert thoughts on QE3.Speaking of QE3, George Selgin further elaborates his concerns in this response to Scott Sumner.Speaking of which, my GMU Econ colleague Larry White asks, in this

  • Tuesday links: the folly of falling knife investing

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Tue 18th Sep 12

    Quote of the dayCullen Roche, “The bottom line is: if you spend your time worrying about catching the next falling knife to save your portfolio then youre probably doing something wrong to begin with.” (Pragmatic Capitalism)Chart of the dayStocks