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  • Carl Hiaasen on John Boehner

    posted to Cheap Talk on Tue 8th Oct 13

    From National Memo:A day in the life of the emptiest suit in Washington:7 a.m. You wake up, light a Camel. Read a pink Post-it left on the refrigerator by your wife: John, dont ever forget, YOU REALLY ARE THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!!! Also, were out of bagels.7:30

  • Jointly Controlled Lotteries and U12 Soccer

    posted to Cheap Talk on Mon 7th Oct 13

     I coach my daughter’s U12 travel soccer team. An important skill that a player of this age should be picking up is the instinct to keep her head up when receiving a pass, survey the landscape and plan what to do with the ball before it gets to her

  • History Of The Government Shutdown

    posted to Cheap Talk on Thu 3rd Oct 13

     From political scientist Gary Cox at the Monkey Blog:The idea goes back to Englands Glorious Revolution, where MPs fought hard to put the Crown on a short financial leash, so that they could control Crown officials actions. Although they did not use the

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  • Lets Write This Paper

    posted to Cheap Talk on Wed 1st Aug 12

    Eight female badminton players were disqualified from the Olympics on Wednesday for trying to lose matches the day before, the Badminton World Federation announced after a disciplinary hearing.The players from China, South Korea and Indonesia were accused of

  • Love: A Continuous Time Approach

    posted to Cheap Talk on Tue 14th Feb 12

    Consider a Man and a Woman. Time flows continuously and the horizon is infinite. At time they are locked in an embrace, and every instant of time their lips draw closer. Let be the distance at time , it declines monotonically over time. At each , the two simultaneously

  • Titles

    posted to Cheap Talk on Tue 18th Jan 11

    Do you know the name of the first bank in the United States? The First Bank of The United States of course. How about the second bank? The Second Bank of the United States. And after that it seems like every time a bank opens in a new place for the first time

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  • Links for 09-24-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Tue 24th Sep 13

    Where Are The Austerian Economists? - Paul KrugmanThe scandal of the austerity deception - mainly macroDoes the Fed have a communication problem? - Neil IrwinMore Manufacturing Coming Back to the U.S. - NYTimes.comBubbles Tomorrow, Yesterday, but Never Today?

  • Consider The Equilibrium: Salt Shakers At Restaurant Tables

    posted to Economist's View on Thu 12th Sep 13

    Why do salt shakers at restaurants "benefit diners who like less salt"?Answer here.

  • Links for 09-10-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Tue 10th Sep 13

    Costs and Consequences of the Financial Crisis - Dallas FedFeds Williams Says to Spot Bubbles Throw Out Rationality - WSJBritish austerity was even worse than you thought - Dylan MathewsCapital is Back: Wealth Ratios over Several Centuries - Carola BinderDoes