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  • Will Rising Temperatures Derail Africas Rise?

    posted to Africa Can... - End Poverty on Wed 27th Mar 13

    Africa is on the move. After two decades of decline, fortunes reversed by the end of the 1990s, resulting in a decade of strong economic growth and sizable improvements in sanitation, education and health. Real incomes per capita in Sub-Saharan Africa grew

  • Links I liked

    posted to Chris Blattman on Sat 16th Mar 13

    Does international child sponsorship work?Google gets a little evilWhen to use sample weightsA new search engine for finding online filmsA Barack Obama toy sold in Japan 

  • Contraception costs

    posted to Offsetting Behaviour on Tue 5th Feb 13

    Berk Ozler asks whether the government should provide free emergency contraception for young girls. It's an interesting question, especially as the Taranaki District Health Board recently announced plans for free EC provision.* Berk summarises the existing