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  • Movements in Short Term Treasurys

    posted to Econbrowser on Tue 8th Oct 13

    "Short-term U.S. debt prices tumbled again Tuesday amid rising investor concern about the prospect of a government-debt default, sending the yield on one-month U.S. Treasury bills to its highest level since the financial crisis."That's from the WSJ today.Here's

  • Measuring the Trilemma: Updated Indices

    posted to Econbrowser on Mon 7th Oct 13

    Jérémie Cohen-Setton has a nice review of the recent blog-literature regarding the trilemma on Bruegel:The challenge of managing capital flows in and out of emerging countries and the difficulty of transmitting a uniform monetary stance across

  • Don't Eat the Shrimp!

    posted to Econbrowser on Mon 7th Oct 13

    Or think twice ... thanks to the government closure.From GovExec, "90 Percent of Seafood Imports Go Uninspected Due to Shutdown":Thanks to the shutdown, food safety inspectors at the Food and Drug Administration, which monitors 80 percent of the U.S. food supply,

Most popular posts

  • Consequences of the Oil Shock of 2007-08

    posted to Econbrowser on Thu 2nd Apr 09

    In a follow-up on my earlier post, I'd now like to discuss the second part of my paper, Causes and Consequences of the Oil Shock of 2007-08, which I presented today at a conference at the Brookings Institution. Here I'll review the role that the oil price shock

  • The Fed's new balance sheet

    posted to Econbrowser on Sun 29th Mar 09

    My previous post reviewed the profound changes in the balance sheet of the U.S. Federal Reserve over the last 18 months. Here I comment on some of the concerns that the new Fed balance sheet raises for the conduct of monetary policy.I would suggest first that

  • Federal Reserve balance sheet

    posted to Econbrowser on Sun 21st Dec 08

    Here I survey how we got here, where things currently stand, and what it all means.Let me begin by reviewing some first principles of what the Fed is all about. How did the cash currently in your wallet get there? You withdrew it from an ATM, perhaps. But these

Latest posts linking here

  • A Small Addendum to Mike Konczals Take Down on Conservative Experts on the Debt Ceiling

    posted to EconoSpeak on Tue 8th Oct 13

    Mike notes this political spin: Right now, many House Tea Party members believe that a default is impossible because we can prioritize interest payments to go first. He provides some very good discussions on the likely impact of default but also notes that

  • Return of Undergraduate Macro?

    posted to Alpha.Sources blog on Mon 7th Oct 13

    I apologise in advance for the headline but anyone familiar with academic economics will know that the IS/LM model is well and truly left behind after first year econ 1-0-1. Of course, Paul Krugman disagrees and since the financial crisis he has been championing

  • Links for 10-06-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Sun 6th Oct 13

    Rich People Just Care Less - NYTimes.comShorting Out The Wiring - Paul KrugmanFinancial Literacy, Beyond the Classroom - NYTimes.comHow Did the Universe Get So Lopsided? - Scientific AmericanObamacare wont be a job-killing catastrophe - The Washington PostThe