• Indication, from Pioneer 10/11, Galileo, and Ulysses Data, of an Apparent Anomalous, Weak, Long-Range Acceleration

    linked to by 1 published by arXiv on Fri 28th Aug 98
    Turyshev, Slava G., Nieto, Michael Martin, Anderson, John D., Laing, Philip A., Lau, Eunice L., Liu, Anthony S.

    OAI oai:arXiv.org:gr-qc/9808081

    Comment: Revtex, 4 pages and 1 figure. Minor changes for publication Radio metric data from the Pioneer 10/11, Galileo, and Ulysses spacecraftindicate an apparent anomalous, constant, acceleration acting on the spacecraftwith a magnitude $\sim 8.5\times 10^{-8}$ cm/s$^2$, directed towards the Sun.Two independent codes and physical strategies have been used to analyze thedata. A number of potential causes have been ruled out. We discuss futurekinematic tests and possible origins of the signal.
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