• In FED We Trust: Ben Bernanke's War on the Great Panic

    linked to by 9 published by Crown Business on Sat 1st Aug 09
    David Wessel

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      posted to Conglomerate on Tue 11th Aug 09

      The blogs are thrumming with praise for David Wessel's book on the crisis, and I must add my voice to the choir. It's a tick-tock, and I'm a bit tired of those - would it kill reporters to have themes? Do you really want to know what time the final phone call

    • Wessel Answers Questions on Potential Bubbles, Paulsons Conflicts, More

      posted to WSJ.com: Economics Blog on Mon 10th Aug 09

      Last week, we asked Real Time Economics readers to pose questions for Journal economics editor David Wessel on the Fed, the financial crisis and his latest book “In Fed We Trust.”We selected the best questions, sometimes editing for length or combining

    • Sunday links: data mining disasters

      posted to Abnormal Returns on Sun 9th Aug 09

      How to stop yourself from falling into the trap of dating mining. (WSJ)“So soon after the gargantuan losses of 2008, of course, its not certain that buying and holding will continue to be a viable long-term strategy. It may take many years to know.”

    • David Wessel Answers Your Questions

      posted to WSJ.com: Economics Blog on Fri 7th Aug 09

      Journal economics editor David Wessel will be answering questions from readers next week on the Fed, the financial crisis and his latest book “In Fed We Trust.”Submit questions in the comment section or send an email to realtimeeconomics@wsj.com.Readers

    • How To Blow A Bubble

      posted to The Baseline Scenario on Fri 7th Aug 09

      Matt Taibbi has rightly directed our attention towardsthe talent, organization, and power thattogether producedamaging (for us) yet profitable (for a few) bubbles. Most of Taibbi’s best points are about market microstructure – not the technological

    • "Mr. Bailout"

      posted to Economist's View on Wed 5th Aug 09

      A few notes from Economics of Contempt's notes on David Wessel's new book: Quotes/Revelations from Wessel Book. Economics of Contempt: I was traveling all day yesterday, so I had a chance to read almost all of David Wessel's new book, In Fed We Trust. I think

    • Geithner Has Blown His Top With Regulators Before

      posted to WSJ.com: Economics Blog on Tue 4th Aug 09

      Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner blasted top regulators critical of the administration’s financial-overhaul plan, the Journal reported. It’s not the first time Geithner has blown his top with regulators, especially FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair.

    • Some other books I've gotten . . .

      posted to Newmark's Door on Mon 27th Jul 09

      . . . apparently because I blog. (I didn't go into blogging for free books; who knew?) They all look interesting and I'd like to--and hope--to read all of them, but at the rate they're arriving that might require an extra decade or two of

    • This Week in Crisis

      posted to Crisis Talk - The World Bank Group on Fri 24th Jul 09

      Tyler Cowen claims that a new book on the crisis, In Fed We Trust: Ben Bernanke's War on the Great Panic, is "so far the most entertaining and most readable book on the financial crisis". In typical dramatic fashion that makes Cowen's praise seem

    • Mixed Messages

      posted to The Baseline Scenario on Thu 23rd Jul 09

      David Wessel seems to be doing the impossible: his book, In Fed We Trust, is getting mentions from all over the Internet, even before its publication, despite competition from what seem like dozens of other crisis books. That’s what a good PR campaign

    • *In Fed We Trust*

      posted to Marginal Revolution on Wed 22nd Jul 09

      The subtitle is Ben Bernanke's War on the Great Panic and the author is David Wessel.  Here is one good excerpt:For Ben and Anna Bernanke, excitement was jointly doing the New York Times Crossword puzzle nearly every day -- although they skipped the easier

    • The View from the 23rd Century

      posted to Economic Principals on Sun 31st May 09

      People continue to try to find the horizon. The Economist last week warned that in seeking to assign new tasks to government, President Barack Obama risks stifling the dynamism of the American economy. Business Week began a series of contributed essays building