• Mutually-Antagonistic Interactions in Baseball Networks

    linked to by 2 published by arXiv on Wed 29th Jul 09
    Saavedra, Serguei, Powers, Scott, McCotter, Trent, Porter, Mason A., Mucha, Peter J.

    OAI oai:arXiv.org:0907.5241

    Comment: 14 pages, 2 tables, 6 figures. Submitted We formulate the head-to-head matchups between Major League Baseball pitchersand batters from 1954 to 2008 as a bipartite network of mutually-antagonisticinteractions. We consider both the full network and single-season networks,which exhibit interesting structural changes over time. We also find that thesenetworks exhibit a significant network structure that is sensitive tobaseball's rule changes. We then study a biased random walk on the matchupnetworks as a simple and transparent way to compare the performance of playerswho competed under different conditions. We find that a player's position inthe network does not correlate with his success in the random walker rankingbut instead has a substantial effect on its sensitivity to changes in his ownaggregate performance.
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