• Public Finance

    linked to by 2 published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin on Thu 1st Feb 07
    Harvey Rosen

    ISBN 0073511285

    Public Finance 8/e benefits from the combined efforts of Harvey Rosen’s market-leading book and new co-author Ted Gayer’s research and government agency experience. Ted recently served as a Senior Economist on the President’s Council of Economic Advisors and is currently a member of the EPA’s Science Advisory Board. Additionally, Rosen served on the President’s Council of Economics Advisers, 2003-2005, as a member and chairman. As a result, the 8th edition maintains the strengths of previous editions but is enhanced with new material and current examples from public finance literature and the policy world. It includes substantive changes that reflect the progress that has been made in the field of public finance. These changes may be divided into three categories: new organization, new material, and new pedagogical features. As with previous editions, the book continues to draw upon the latest research while never losing sight of the reality it is supposed to describe, always drawing the links between economic analysis and current political issues.
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