Top 50 Economics Blogs

Rankings are based on the number of incoming links from other indexed economics blogs and some secret Econolog sauce. Only links from the past ninety days are counted.


Readability is assessed for posts published in the past ninety days using the Gunning-Fog index. The index is an indication of the number of years of formal education that a person requires in order to easily understand the text on the first reading.

You can see more readability stats by clicking through to individual blogs and checking out the sidebar.

6 to 10
Dan Brown

10 to 14
Thomas Pynchon

14 to 17
Scientific journals

17 to 20
Manual for Taiwanese DVD player

Other stats

Most Active lists the blogs with the highest number of posts published over the past ninety days. Wordiest lists the blogs with the highest average number of words per post. Friendliest lists the blogs which link out to other blogs most frequently.

Note that these statistics are calculated using the RSS feed from each blog. These feeds don't always carry the full post and may have had hyperlinks removed.